Sands Murray-Wassink, Town Hall Philosophical Living Color Drawing, 2008, photo: Martin Rindlisbacher
Sands Murray-Wassink
Town Hall Philosophical Living Color Drawing

Sands Murray-Wassink (*1974, USA, Netherlands) grew up in the USA and moved to the Netherlands in 1994 to study at the Rietveld Akademie in Amsterdam. His paintings and especially his performances blur the borders between art and life. He is heavily influenced by feminist models, including his former teacher and long–time friend Carolee Schneemann. His gay sexuality, the lustful body, but also his long-term depression and his anger at the pain of life are themes in his work.

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Together with his partner Robin Wassink-Murray, Sands Murray-Wassink pays homage to Annie Sprinkle and her partner Beth Stevens in this performance. Annie Sprinkle, a former porn star, became famous as an artist in the late 1980s and 1990s through her Public Cervix Announcement performances. Murray-Wassink likewise explores the gender of his anus and invites the audience to engage in an intimate encounter with gay sexuality and love. In this performance, he and Robin discuss the taboo areas of intimacy, happiness, failure and vulnerability with the audience. The performance was staged at the Performance Saga Festival in Bern, 2008, where Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens also performed.

Performance: 2008, Performance Saga Festival, Bern

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