Performance Saga
Performance Saga Festival

This is a collaborative project by the artist Andrea Saemann (*1962) and the art historian Katrin Grögel (*1970). In 2008 and 2009, they staged three Performance Saga Festivals featuring 26 male and female artists in Bern, Lausanne and Basle. 2011 saw the publication of a comprehensive DVD documenting the three festivals.

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Muda Mathis: Seven Monuments for Annie Sprinkle, 2008
Sands Murray–Wassink & Robin Wassink–Murray: Town Hall Philosophical Living Color Drawing, 2008
Annie M. Sprinkle & Elizabeth M. Stephens: Dirty Sexecology, 2008

Included in the re.act.feminism archive are three performances by Muda Mathis, Sands Murray-Wassink & Robin Wassink-Murray and Annie M. Sprinkle & Elizabeth M. Stephens.

Courtesy Performance Saga & liveartwork editions

Document media
Video, colour, sound, lengths variable

Issue date
Festival in Bern (2008), DVD documentation, 2011

Andrea Saemann (SAE 1)
Andrea Saemann (SAE 2)
Muda Mathis (MAT 1)
Sands Murray–Wassink & Robin Wassink-Murray (MURR 1)
Annie M. Sprinkle & Elizabeth M. Stephens (SPR 1)

his/herstory, re-enactment