Stefanie Seibold & Teresa María Díaz Nerio with the collaboration of Patricia Grzonka, Matt und schlapp wie Schnee, 2011, photo: Adrian Ruiz de Hierro / Montehermoso
Stefanie Seibold & Teresa María Díaz Nerio
Matt und schlapp wie Schnee

Stefanie Seibold works with performances, videos, collages, sound and video installations, which show her specific interest in gestures and signs constituting sexual and gender identity. In her artworks, she often engages in the re-contextualization of (historical) images, texts and quotes. She also teaches at Akademie im Ordinariat für Performative Kunst und Bildhauerei. Teresa María Díaz Nerio works with language and text, performance and video. The two artists have been working together creating installations and performances. One central “interest aims at building spaces that question strategies of visibility as well as defer fixed areas of meaning in order to develop and provide new narrative structures.” (Peggy Buth)

This installation is a research contribution and part of the project Troubling Research, which deals with the question of (image) archives, its accessibility respectively the interpretation of its content, as well as the production of meaning by means of selection, display and installation. It is based on the performative language of the works by Gina Pane in general, and specifically on the performance Discours mout et mat (Gallery De Appel, on July 28th, 1975). The artist Gina Pane (1939-1990) has entered the art canon with her energetic, exhaustive, bodily performances from the 1970s and 1980s. Seibold, Díaz Nerio and Patricia Grzonka conducted an artistic-theoretical research at de Appel arts Centre, Amsterdam, Bibliothèque Kandinsky at Centre Pompidou, Paris, through museum visits, as well as interviews with the artist and art-historian Alice Maude-Roxby, the photographer Françoise Masson and the long-term companion of Pane, Anne Marchand. Thereby they developed an extensive spatial scenography, thus putting into question if re-enactments and historical performances make sense at all. During the opening at Centro Cultural Montehermoso on October 7, 2011, Seibold and Nerio activated the installation through a performance.

With the collaboration of Patricia Grzonka.
Photography: Maria Ziegelböck

Courtesy Stefanie Seibold & Teresa María Díaz Nerio & Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam

Document media
Mixed media installation

Issue date

To be seen in
Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, 7 October 2011 – 15 January 2012