Cabello / Carceller, Un beso, 1996
Cabello / Carceller
Un beso

The artistic team Cabello / Carceller – Helena Cabello (*France, 1963) and Ana Carceller *(1964, Spain) – was constituted in 1992. The duo focuses their visual research on the questioning of hegemonic and one-way modes of visual representation. The construction mechanisms of masculine and feminine identity and the exposure of stereotypical social behaviour are dealt with in their work from different perspectives and through a multidisciplinary artistic practice, which includes video, photography, installation, drawing and writing.

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A heated discussion between two artists, the subject of which is irrelevant, acts as a soundtrack to a close-up of a long kiss — Un beso. During the action, the faces seem to fight to occupy the centre of the screen while escaping our gaze. The video is a kind of game, in which a fiction is established with elements of reality, and a reality is created with elements of fiction, provoking a paradoxical ambiguity. The spectator is faced with pleasant visual information and an unusually aggressive sound track.

Courtesy Cabello / Carceller

Document media
Video, b&w, sound, 4:03 min

Issue date

aggression, desire, gaze, in/visibility, sexualities, queer, voice