Line Skywalker Karlström, At Danse Et Fængsel, 2010, photo: Frederikke Hansen
Line Skywalker Karlström
At Danse Et Fængsel

Line Skywalker Karlström (*1971, Sweden, Denmark) is a Swedish performance artist who works with a diverse range of materials dealing with the role of art in life, lesbian and gay identity and the perception of space. Her performances take place in the public realm and also in gallery installations. Karlström was a member of the feminist performance group High Heels Sisters (2002-2007), and a founding member of YES! Association / Föreningen JA! (2005-2018), a group of Swedish artist activists that she left in 2009

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The compound of a future state prison is the performance space in the video At Danse Et Fængsel (To dance a prison). Line Skywalker Karlström dances a partly choreographed, partly improvised dance in this video before she squats part of the property. The artist intends to embody ideology and convey emancipation, restriction, violence and dominance through postures and gestures.

Courtesy Line Skywalker Karlström

Document media
Video, colour, sound, 13:00 min

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appropriation, body control, dance/choreography, public space, state oppression