Helena Almeida, Vê-me, 1979
Helena Almeida

Helena Almeida (*1934 †2018, Portugal) was based in Lisbon. A sculptor’s daughter, Almeida began her career as a painter, turning her canvases into three-dimensional objects. The first exhibition of her work was shown in 1967 at Galería Buchholz in Lisbon. She employs her own body to question spatial constructs and the relationship between artist and viewer using photography and film to share her performative studio practice with an audience. The resulting images both reveal and obscure the artist’s presence.

Vê-me (See me) is an audio recording of the artist while drawing. By analogy with musical scores, the artist wanted to explore the sound of her drawings. A description in Portuguese and English can be read while listening to this DVD.

Vê-me is part of the 1978/79 trilogy Sente-me, Ouve-me, Vê-me (Feel Me, Hear Me, See Me).

Courtesy Helena Almeida

Document media
Video, b&w, sound 30:00 min

Issue date

gaze, in/visibility, painting/drawing, sound